Healthy Iced Golden Milk Tumeric Latte Recipe

Iced Golden Milk Tumeric Latte is a healthy and refreshing drink made from a mixture of cashew milk, turmeric, double espresso shaken with ice cubes.

Iced Golden Milk Tumeric Latte
Iced Golden Milk Tumeric Latte

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Golden Milk is actually an upgraded version of the typical Indian turmeric milk drink known as Haldi Doodh (Hindi) or Palile Manjal (Tamil). The drink is also made from milk, whether it’s non-dairy such as almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, or cow’s milk mixed with turmeric in powder or extract form and various other spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg to enhance taste and absorption. The resulting taste is very distinctive, bitter, and slightly spicy in the style of turmeric. However, this traditional drink functions as a fever-lowering or sore throat reliever by Indians.

Turmeric And Its Content Is Good For The Body:

Turmeric is one of the spices commonly used as a spice in traditional cooking, a mixture of herbal medicine, or used as an ingredient for traditional ceremonies by a number of people from certain countries. Not only that but currently turmeric is also used as a drink mixture in cafes or street vendors. They usually mix it with cinnamon, almonds, certain types of syrup, and so on. The drink is known as the Golden Milk or Tumeric Latte, because of its yellowish color. This product was immediately popular and loved by young people.

Popular Tumeric Lattes:

Turmeric Latte itself is one of the contemporary drinks that has become a trend lately along with bubble tea, green tea latte, or coffee latte.

This drink is made from spices, namely fresh turmeric, whether it’s turmeric juice or powder which is then mixed with cashew or almond milk and other spices. Not only delicious, but this suitable healthy drink is also very suitable for those of you who are on a diet. This drink also holds a lot of goodness, including being able to improve the body’s metabolism, and can be a substitute for coffee thanks to the caffeine content in it. Even has anti-inflammatory properties, this drink is very good for the skin though.

Let’s take a peek at the recipe Iced Golden Milk Tumeric Latte.

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Healthy Iced Golden Milk Tumeric Latte Recipe

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Iced Golden Milk Tumeric Latte is a healthy and refreshing drink made from a mixture of cashew milk, turmeric, double espresso shaken with ice cubes.


  • 1 cups cashew milk

  • turmeric shot

  • iced to taste

  • double expresso

  • cashew milk + a pinch of turmeric powder, shake until bubbly


  • Mix cashew milk and turmeric shot. Shake well. Pour into a bottle or glass that has been given ice cubes before. Pour double expresso. Then, in the top layer, pour the cashew milk and turmeric powder mixture. Enjoy !!

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